Discover the #1 Postcard System That Pays You Instant $1,000 Commissions Directly!

This is the simplest program you will ever come across... if you can mail a postcard, you can build your own postcard business!

Discover the #1 Postcard System That Pays You Instant $1,000 Commissions Directly!

This is the simplest program you will ever come across... if you can mail a postcard, you can build your own postcard business!

  • No Recruiting or Cold Calling!
  • No Complicated Systems To Learn!
  • No Monthly Fees or Subscriptions!
  • No Selling or Convincing!
  • No False Promises or Gotchas!
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The Original "Keep It All" Postcard

The original “Keep It All” postcard printed with YOUR name and address so that all the $1,000 payments go directly to you! The “Keep It All” Postcard is the ULTIMATE MARKETING MACHINE that brings in the payments! If you’re wondering if this postcard really works, it’s sold over 6,968 by the creator of this program on his own! That’s not counting the thousands of others getting results with this same postcard every day.

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Get Paid Up To 20X from ONE easy sale! Obviously, we can’t “give away” confidential secrets of this is done until you’ve fully signed up… but you’ll see how just ONE sale has a built-in RIPPLE Effect that magically FORCES up to 20X more for you at NO Additional COST!

Premium Gold 20K Leads

You get access to our Premium Gold mailing list of 20,000 leads! These are HIGH-QUALITY names and addresses of people who have actually spent BIG MONEY by purchasing or joining similar money-making programs in the last 30-90 DAYS!

Max Results Guide

If you can mail a postcard, you can get results with our system! But with our member-only insider tricks, tips, and secrets you can SKYROCKET your results by up to 100X using your mailings and/or social media platforms!

Marketing Resources!

  • 1,000 Free Color Postcards with your information printed on the inside so you get all the money!
  • Free Forever Postage Stamps so you don't have to worry about stamp prices while getting started!

An Order Pulling Video!

Yes, you can generate $1,000 sales before you ever mail a postcard by leveraging our proven-to-work order-pulling YouTube Video.

This gives you a completely new income stream for you to use at will!

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When you join us today, we'll send you a genuine uncut diamond up to 10 carats! That's right. This is a real valuable commodity that you can hold as collateral, pass on to your loved ones, sell to recoup your investment or make a nice profit!

Get Started In 3 Simple Steps


Send a $1,000 Postal Money Order "Payable" to:
Amanda Wray
PO Box 10785
Albany, New York 12201


Get a postal Money Order for $399 to cover shipping, insurance & the admin fee. Important: Be Sure To Leave The "Pay To:" Field Blank. If you make your payment online in Step 1, this will be your only money order. If not, then you will have two separate money orders.


Please mail BOTH Postal Money Orders (if you paid online in the first step, then you only need to mail one money order) AND 12 books of forever stamps to:
Amanda Wray
PO Box 10785
Albany, New York, 12201

IMPORTANT: You MUST get a tracking number & send your money order by Priority Mail only.

Amanda Wray

Amanda Wray is an entrepreneur and opportunity-focused business professional who is committed to helping others find the fastest path to success.

If there is one factor that has helped more people achieve success than anything else, it is seizing an opportunity while it exists. The key to success is to shorten the amount of time between an opportunity and the time you take action.

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